VIP #2

Zodiac: Capricorn, born Jan. 9th 1977, 175 cm, 66 kg, single, Las Vegas, relocation possible

Languages: English – native, Russian – communicative

A man of slim build, 175 cm tall, has salt-pepper hair and green-brown eyes. His style is casual with a touch of elegance. He also wears nice elegant suits, according to the occasion.

Education / Job

He has a university degree in finance. He is a businessman – he invests in small businesses, real estate and is active in the financial instruments sector. He plans to develop his business in the area of real estate mostly. He has a good position, stability and financial freedom.

Values / Relationships

Awesome, extremely intelligent, open minded and practical man. He has self-confidence, self-esteem and just likes himself, provides a direct communication. Very much friendly to people. Kind, polite and attractive socially. He is warm, delicate, emotionally expressive and likes to be close with the others. A man of many possibilities, with a sense of humor and a healthy distance to himself. Distinguished by emotional intelligence and sensitivity, as well as mental strength, strong personality and effectiveness in the projects he undertakes in life. He is family oriented, believes in the power of the family as an essential foundation for any human.

He likes kids and wants to be a father. Actually is looking for a woman who can enrich his life.

Someone who will be important person, very close and willing to share feelings, who will be a friend and a partner. To hug and have fun together. She will become that special person, the only one.

Passions / Leisure time

He loves travelling, experiencing different cultures and food. He is a music lover taking pleasure in all types of music, and is surrounded by music. Lives active, skis, enjoys swimming in the ocean and rides horses. Loves to read books and articles, especially in the morning. Cares about his personal development. No smoking, drinks alcohol only in social occasions.

Match Woman

25 – 35 yo., open minded, friendly and polite, she is able to express her feelings as well as support her partner. Preferably she is educated, is an interesting conversation partner. She does not party excessively, home life is more important for her. She has her interests, activities and hobbies. It’s good that she works for her own good and social shape, Family oriented, she wants to be a mother, can be the mom of one child from a previous relationship. Friendship and warmth will be the basis of your partnership. It’s welcomed that she would like to live in the US. it is not a problem if she smokes cigarettes but does not abuse alcohol.

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