VIP #1

Zodiac: Acquarius | ur. 14.02.1967 | 102 kg | 1,93 cm | divorced |: Miami / USA| open to relocate | languages: native French, English – fluently

She: 44 yo. Max, no Russian origin

Follow your feelings and make decisions…

Masculine and charismatic Frenchman living in the US for four years. Athletic, strong physique, with brown-green eyes, bearded, 193 cm tall. He has a deep, characteristic voice. A neat man, dresses in a sport and classic elegance.

Education / job

He earned an MBA degree in the USA. Before that he completed master’s degrees in marketing in both France and the United States. Distributes French cosmetics in the US. He speaks French as native tongue, fluent English

He is convinced that we live in a world where values are gone, unfortunately. Clear about his ideas, knows how he wants to live, he looks for a woman he can trust. He likes people that follow their feelings and who make decisions. He wants to give a woman a lot of space so that she can be happy, no pressure,

Passions / leisure time

He does sport every day – swimming, practicing yoga, playing golf to feel good and have a healthy body. Used to travel a lot. He doesn’t like to go out and party. He eats vegan, doesn’t smoke, doesn’t drink alcohol, maybe a glass of wine with a good dinner.

Match woman

Kind and gentle. Someone to trust, loyal and honest. She believes in love and is open to discover it, making a new bond. May be a mother of children from a previous relationship. It’s good if she works and feels independent. She is free from addictions, doesn’t smoke and is fine without alcohol.

44 - Pan VIP #1